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Mainstreaming Climate Change into Integrated Water Resources Management in Pangani River Basin (Tanzania)

The Pangani River Basin drains Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru in northern Tanzania and flows to the Indian Ocean in the town of Pangani in Tanga Region. The River and its Basin are greatly important to Tanzania, in terms of hydro-power, irrigation, fisheries, livestock etc, but estimates suggest that water demand is rapidly rising whilst water flows are in decline – largely due to changing climatic patterns

The overall goal of the project is to mainstream climate change into Integrated Water Resources Management in the Pangani Basin, so that it may support the equitable provision of freshwater for the environment and for livelihoods for current and future generations.

The objective of the project is to prepare water managers and users for changing climatic conditions (especially reduced flows) through provision of technical data, planning, and improved allocation, capacity building and awareness-raising. The project will focus on the following three technical areas:

  • Understanding current and future climatic vulnerability (in the broadest sense of the term): developing and using information for equitable water allocation in a changing hydrological regime
  • Negotiated outcomes to minimize future climatic vulnerability and future climatic risk: Continuing dialogues to sustainable water resources management
  • Mainstreaming climate change adaptation in the water sector: national linkages and lessons learned
These three technical outputs will lead to a single measurable outcome: Management and allocation of water in Pangani Basin includes climate change preparation and adaptation and environmental considerations in a sound Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) framework. It is one of the first field-based climate change preparation projects in Eastern Africa with strong links to basin and national planning and policy, and as such will build national and regional capacity, provide lessons and serve as a national and regional demonstration site.

Co-Finance comes from IUCN’s WANI (Water and Nature Initiative) and the EU and Government. The Project Executing Agency is the Pangani Basin Water Board. The project duration is three years. 

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Project Documents

Project Start: Third quarter 2007
Project End: First quarter 2011
Contact: Akiko Yamamoto

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