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Southern Africa Regional Environmental Program (SAREP)

The U.S. government, through the USAID Southern Africa Mission based in South Africa and the Regional Botswana Field Office based in Botswana supports the SADC Vision, Revised Protocol and RSAP-2 under the framework Agreement signed in April, 2006.The Agreement supported the ongoing USAID-OKACOM Integrated River Basin Management (IRBM) Project that began in 2004 and concluded in May, 2009. Several activities under OKACOM auspices, including a Strategic Action Plan, require additional support to reach fruition.  OKACOM has supported initial steps for integrated land use planning for biodiversity conservation and protection of ecosystem services in the trans-frontier region of the Okavango River Basin.  

The Southern Africa Regional Environmental Program (SAREP) will build on successes to date in partnership with OKACOM, SADC and other agencies, while integrating assistance to improve regional cooperation in management of shared river basins with the goals to conserve and protect biological diversity and improve access to water supply and sanitation. SAREP will be implemented and funded under a framework USAID-SADC Agreement.  Per the SADC Agreement, an implementing partner will be selected to insure timely execution of activities toward achievement of goals and corresponding reporting.

Project Documents

Project Start: Second quarter 2010
Project End: Second quarter 2015
Contact: Steve Horn

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