5 Gambling Secrets Disclosed by Professional Gamblers

Gambling is one of the most unusual entertainments that is available today at brick and mortar casinos as well as online. Some of the benefits of gambling include quick adrenaline rush, confidence boost, feeling lucky, and winning unlimited rewards. Becoming a pro in gambling at any game is a jackpot in itself for long term profits. Unfortunately, the pros do not want much competition at the higher leagues, so they do not tell you everything about the gamble. Here are five gambling secrets that pro gamblers do not want to disclose in public.


Don Johnson is a legend in blackjack who won $15 million in a month playing blackjack in three different casinos in Atlantic City. The interesting part about Johnson’s story is that he was not a professional and only had a simple plan and basic skills. He did not use any cheats or support from the casinos as a marketing strategy. Ever since then, many have tried to imitate Don Johnson but only managed to get close to his success.

Card counting in blackjack is not as tough as shown in the movies. You do not need above average math skills to learn it. You just need a good tracking habit to remember the cards and implement the basic blackjack strategy. You can learn the basic strategy using online free to play blackjack games before you start playing with real money.


The roulette games may seem like completely based on luck. But in reality, many roulette game systems can increase your chances of winning to up to 90%. The systems that propose increasing your odds can make a lot more money for you. With a basic strategy, you can make considerable profits every time you enter the casino. The only problem while using a basic strategy for roulette is that you will get bored easily.


Dilemmas are unhealthy for your gambling career. When you are in doubt, you will have more chances of losing. The doubts only occur when you are not sure of a win, which always has a lesser probability than the chances where you feel confident. Never trust your doubtful decisions and try to resist the urge to make blind bets. Taking risks for a weak yet confident hand in poker is always better than trying to rely on doubtful pair of Ace. Your first intuition for your move has the most probability of winning.

Professional players may seem to be enjoying the chit chats at a table but what they are really doing is studying the game of their opponents all the time. They are attentive to catch any microexpressions on their opponent and study the relationship between their decision and their cards. The poker pros always take a copy of the recording from their tournaments to study their opponents. They then develop counter-strategies in case their opponent uses the same strategies again. If you think you can beat a poker pro on a long run as a beginner just by your luck, you will not be happy with the end results.

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